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How to choose passwords for online transactions?

A recent campaign group (Get Safe Online) has mentioned that we leave ourselves very vulnerable to identity frauds because of our passwords.
Passwords are basically problematic. If you decide to use an easy one then just remember that they are easy to crack also by the cyber thugs. How to choose a password forms the core of this topic.

How to choose a password that can be safe?
1. Try to mix letters, numbers and punctuations. Make the passwords as long as possible.
2. Do not use easy to remember passwords like son or daughter’s name, partner’s name or a pet’s name.
3. Never use a word that is in the dictionary. Online fraudsters have developed softwares and programs to crack these passwords.
4. Do not use consecutive letters on a standard QWERTY keyboard.
5. Mix upper case and lower case letters amongst the letters, numbers and punctuations.
6. Having chosen a password write it down on a dedicated booklet for passwords and lock it in either your office or home lockers.
7. Use one password that is extremely difficult to decipher from the above suggestions and use it for high-security matters like online banking and use a relatively easier one for low-security issues.
8. Never try to use your own name as a username. When you use your own name it leaves you vulnerable.
9. Do not change passwords frequently. A good one is much better than several bad or easy ones!

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