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Once a married man was asked to perform a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis on himself. This is what he wrote on his file.

My biggest STRENGTH is my WIFE.
My biggest WEAKNESS is my neighbor’s WIFE.
My OPPORTUNITY comes when my neighbor is out.
My THREAT is when I go out!

Once a farmer was arrested by the police and put in jail on some flimsy grounds of suspicion. Now he had a very busy farm and his wife had to manage all the activities while he was in prison. One day she wrote a letter to the farmer – “The time looks right to plough the fields and plant potatoes. Should I go ahead?” Now the cops being suspicious used to go through all the farmers’s letters. So the farmer wrote back to the wife – “I have buried a stack of explosives and firearms in the farm. Don’t even bother to do any planting now.”
The cops immediately took an army of helpers and went to the farm and dug up every inch of the farm but found nothing.
Soon the farmer wrote to his wife – “Now is the right time to plant those potatoes”!

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