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Laptops – Men beware!!

All men who use their laptops frequently should pay attention to this blog entry before they perch their laptops on their laps again.

Researchers in the US have found out that the heat generated by the laptops when they are perched on our laps can raise the risk of infertility. The heat exposure and posture-related effects can create elevated scrotal temperatures and lead to infertility. The study was conducted on 29 healthy males between 21 and 35 years in a climate-controlled room for 2 one-hour sessions. After recording of body temperatures, the subjects were given working and non-working computers and the scrotal and laptop base temperatures were recorded every 3 minutes. The scrotal temperatures in the men with the working laptops increased by a mean of 2.7 centigrades, enough to cause infertility. So the researchers suggest that men should not balance their laptops on their laps.

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