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LCD or Plasma TV? Which one should I chose?

I have always been confused about the differences between the LCD and Plasma TVs. How do these two “latest craze” differ from one another? What are the advantages of one over the other? Which one should I buy?
LCD screens come to life when light from behind the screen is shone through the screen’s matrix composed of tiny colored liquid crystals. Plasma TVs have tiny gas cells sandwiched between two sheets of glass and they emit UV light that strikes RGB spots on the screen to produce a picture.
Screen size was limited earlier in the LCD TVs but research has now given us LCD screens more than 40 inches. The biggest question is which offers better picture quality? LCDs do not handle black well and darker pictures can look washed out. The issue has got more to do with the digital processing software inside and this decided which TV does better. LCDs have a definite edge in picture quality over the plasma TVs. LCD TVs consume about 50% less power than the plasma TVs. Plasma TVs weigh more than the LCDs (and are roughly an inch thicker) and as such wall mounting would involve more costs for a Plasma TV. The prices for both LCD and Plasma TVs are comparable and not much difference there.

Verdict: LCD are slightly better off than Plasma TVs.

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