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Mobile phone etiquette

Mobile phones have become a necessary evil these days. It is extremely hard to imagine a world without these gadgets and sometimes I wonder what people used to do to communicate when these phones were not available. While conveniance is one thing, annoyance is the other side of the mobile phone. I have been both the victim and culprit of not following the basic etiquettes demanded while using a cell phone. What can we do to use the mobile phones more appropriately and socially?
1. Use better sense and discretion while using a mobile phone. If speech is silver then silence is golden!
2. Its always impolite to banter on the cell phone in public places where people need silence: the library, places of worship, movie halls, classrooms, boardrooms!
3. Turn off the phone when in a meeting or places where silence is imperative. If you cannot turn off the phone, turn off the ringer and keep it in vibrator mode. Should your phone vibrate, disconnect and call back at the earliest possible opportunity even if this means going outside to talk.
4. Learn to take messages and be courteous to return unanswered calls.
Remember: If you had been annoyed by another person using a mobile phone in an inappropriate place and time then you have to also follow the same etiquette so that you dont get angry glares!

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