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No pain no gain!!

This is a wonderful story that I was told by a friend of mine. It is loaded with wisdom and is so true of many of us.

Once in a cave deep in a forest there was a beautiful marble statue and people from all walks of life from all over the world would come to visit her. One fine day at night when all visitors had left the marble tiles on the floor united as one and began to address the marble lady.
Stones: It is not fair, just not fair. Both of us came from the same cave and while people come and admire you, they step on us and ignore us.
Marble lady: So?
Stones: We feel it is just not fair.
Marble lady: My dear friends, do you remember the day when the stone cutter came to carve us?
Stones: Of course yes. We did not like him one bit. How dare he hurt us?
Marble lady: My dear friends, you resisted his attempts to make something out of you but I did not. For I knew that if I bear the pain for sometime he would mould me into something that would be far more valuable. So today I am earning the fruits of patience.

Moral of this story: NO PAIN NO GAIN. You have to endure the hard knocks in life to become something in life!

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