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Sachin Tendulkar and the nineties jinx!

Perhaps no other number will be more important in Tendulkar’s life than 42. It is the number of that elusive one-day century that he is yet to make. Not once, not twice but six times this year he has been dismissed in the nineties, including thrice on 99! This year alone Tendulkar could have been on the threshold of a fifty centuries in one-day cricket, a record that perhaps only very few could even dream of coming close to.

Nervous Nineties?? For someone who has been around for exactly 18 years this should not be a case of butterflies in the stomach typical of a newcomer. Yet he has been unable to break this jinx. Is it preying on his mind that he is susceptible in the nineties and are bowlers looking to take advantage of the same? Let’s hope not and pray that Sachin gets to fifty tons (maybe more) in one-day cricket. A Sachin ton is always special but a Sachin’s innings that can make India win more cricket matches is even more special!

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