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Sleep Safe Pyajamas – Latest defense against MRSA

MRSA is a bacteria that can harmlessly colonize the skin of healthy individuals. The real danger from them arises when they colonize sites like surgical wounds, catheter sites, ventilator tubings, burns, eyes, blood etc. MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. These are superbugs in that they cause infections resistant to most currently available antibiotics.
Mark and Spencer have launched a silver-lined pyjama called as Sleep Safe Pyjamas as a means to keep off these bugs. Silver is known for its infection-fighting properties. These pyjamas contains 2% silver woven into their fabric and have been clinically proven to kill MRSA when it comes in contact with the fabric. Clinical trials are underway and are three quarters of the way into publishing the results. The pyjamas retail at 45 pounds are available currently for men only.
Some people are very critical about the whole thing and feel that its just a gimmick. They raise the issue that it is the hospitals that are dirty and the hospitals need to tackle this issue of hygiene before embarking on any gimmicks like these.

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