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India has joined the bandwagon of supercomputers design and development with EKA – a Hewlett-Packard designed supercomputer that is capable of operating at 117.3 teraflops (117.9 trillion calculations per second!) This computer is installed at Computational Research Laboratories in Pune, Maharashtra and comes fourth in a list of five supercomputers in the world.
For a long time IBM has headed the world in the race for the development of supercomputers. The top two supercomputers belong to IBM. BlueGene/L is in first place with a capacity of 478 teraflops and is utilized to ensure the US” nuclear weapons stockpile remains safe and reliable. BlueGene/P comes second with a speed of 167.3 teraflops. Rounding off the top five are two computers, one each in New Mexico (3rd) and in Sweden (5th).
The ultimate barrier in supercomputers would be to design a computer that can break the petaflop barrier (more than 1000 trillion calculations per second).
Supercomputers are capable of delivering detailed simulations that can be utilized to simulate earthquakes, tsunamis, drug design and delivery.

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