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Tips to lose weight

Obesity has been one of the most talked about afflictions in recent times. Obesity has been known to be a direct risk factor for coronary heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.
An effective treatment to reduce weight should always combine different approaches. Some of these approaches include:
1. A reasonable reduced calorie diet: Do not indulge in starvation diets. They are impossible to maintain over longer periods and inevitably lead to weight being regained. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Reduce fatty foods as much as possible.
2. More physical exercises – keep moving!!: This does not necessarily mean some intense sport. Even 30 minutes per day is more than sufficient. Do brisk walking in the morning or evening, use the stairs and not the elevator, try to park further from your destination and walk.
3. Healthy dietary habits: Balance the meals. Do not skip any of the 3 main meals. Skipping meals slows down weight loss as the body slows down metabolism to conserve energy. This also contributes to gorging on the next meal. Drink more fluids – at least 2-3 liters per day.
4. Medications: Should you decide to go on medications to achieve weight loss, consult your doctor.
5. Be realistic: Do not try to lose weight quickly. This leads to demotivation if you do not reach your unrealistic target. Ideally 5-10% weight loss per year is a healthy target.

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