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What kind of person are you?

I have often come across people who just seem to do their chore or day-to-day work with no interest at all. I remember an interesting anecdote that subtly advices us to take our work more seriously.

A traveler to Egypt during the days of the Pyramids” construction was awestruck by the number of workers at the site. He decided to strike up a conversation with the labourers to while away his time.
He walked up to one of them and asked him what he was doing. Pat came the reply – “Why can’t you see? I am cutting stones!” The traveler went to the next one and asked him the same question. The second labourer told him – “Sir, can you not see, I am earning my livelihood!” The traveler decided to try his luck with another labourer and asked him what he was doing. The labourer looked up at him and told him – “My good man, can you not see that I am playing a small role in the making of a monument!”

This story so typically highlights the way we deal with our respective work. It’s all in the mind how we approach our work. A good work culture is so essential for success. Just reflect back on this story and decide what category would you love to fit in.

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