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Internet and Optical Communication

Demand for more bandwidth is increasing day by day. To cater to this demand optical communication can be used. In the future it is not possible to support a large number of users with current electronic technology. The major advantages of the optical communications can be understood by the fact that a single piece of fiber is good enough to transfer the data of one country. Therefore with the implication of the optical fiber communication it is possible to download more than one movie simultaneously and time for the downloading will be few seconds. With optical communication real time video transfer is very easily possible. In our country optical communication has just started. So therefore this technology is still beyond us. But in the next few years this will the technology for the future communication systems. In country like USA this is the current technology. In Europe it is implemented in different countries.The darker side of the technology is its higher implementation cost. this keeps the developing nation away from the technology.

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    ya thats thats demand of emerging india.

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