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Do come to my decrated chamber at anytime you like, for I love you for the time being. But can not assure you that in near future too I will be there to welcome you in the same way as I am doing toady. The reason is your physique is still an unfound land. The moment I land there and tsee the things to see may not be treating like this. So please do not blame me later. I am like this. I was born with this characteristics. Last week I did way with a figure of your kind for no new chapter was left there for me to read. and you know I am a voracious reader. Once again I am telling you my stand. Now I love you as you do. If you want to be my idol and an imagination foreever please do not share a night with me. I am shch that I observe all in the flood light and hence not a single spot goes un-noticed. I am a sincere lover within the limitation of my sincerity.

See you soon


Your Love, 25/11/07

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