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Please do not ask how long have I been deprived of a drop to drink.Ophelia’s death could not shiver Hemlet’s foot. Claudias are laughing away the ghostly command. None is alive here. All wake up at midnight wearing their shrouds looking for Dante. How could he enter Hell all flesh and blood? Question marks are stuck on the forehead of all. I control my tilting head for you made me drunk with the heart of the little pig. Sad time wearing the autumnal skin, lying on the lazy paddy field. Feathered deaths had already eaten Krutz’s heart. Civilization mocks at the filthy torture of a mighty man. Yet we are playing hide and seek. Shhhhh silent. Heart beats play rap here. Here, here at my swollen breast.

It has been a decade since I drank a drop. Groaning hopes look for solace of the Savior. Masqued parade follow the death of hanged day. Identity is a crisis here. I have put thousands of questions on my identity, all are in the queue. Still the parade is on for it was destined to be like that. Answers are slave to Lucifer. Mephistopheles plays the dummy role. How many Faustus have slept with Helen is not a pertinent question? Bigger questions are yawning for their turn. I could not participate in the procession as it was scheduled to pass through my nerves and veins. Painful it is or pleasing it is, know I not, ask me not.

It has been a decade since I drank a drop. My yellow love is sleeping with the whore of infinity. A minimum charge and an agonizing pleasure. What for? I never wanted to dream an empty dream. My merits are my faults. Visible darkness envelopes all the gives and takes. Pathetic love crawls beneath the whiteness of her tongue. I never asked you to peep into my shaved fancy. Neither will I allow you to the beginning of my collapse. This is a bond between the hollow sky and my empty-filled loudness.

It has been a decade since I drank a drop. With two wings I fly around nook and corner but no where a drop for me. Sinning is a sin. Wait let me consult my diary if I committed a sin. Hmmm never I dared but once. Yes only once. It was my fetus that tortured its mother thousand years back. Now I am the sinner. A grayish look stares into my face, blank, empty, hollow, sick, and diseased. I do not know how long I will be luring my passion into the falsifying Dreams. But day in and day out I bang on the dreams of the empty road. A shattered sigh moves it feet homeward. And once again I am left with my shadow sauntering round the lonely road.

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