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It was Tea, Oil and Coal that had brought the British to the North-Eastern Part of the country during the pre-independence Era and for transportation purpose were the Railway Tracks were laid and by the time India achieved its Freedom most of the natural resources of this part had been taken way. But the all was not done away with. Still a lot were in store- not only Tea, Oil and Coal this part of the land that comprises Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Nagaland. Al these seven states touch one or the other International Boarders. Hence they have importance on their own right.

But to everyone’s utter consternation the Central Government has always been offering them step-motherly attitude which is why even with immense potential for development, no such visible progress is of any of these states is worth take note of. The only excuses the Centre has been pointing out is that investment here is insecure for a dozen of terrorist out fit come as the major hurdles.

The million dollar question is can not the Centre play the driver’s role in controlling and if necessary eliminating these forces after an amicable discussion? Interesting fact is that the birth of most out fit is the Central Government’s Policy. Now if the Centre itself is the core point of dispute it should have shown good will gesture to mitigate all the evils and bring the entire North-East Economy to the mainstream. And help all the parts of the Nation grow equally. No one would agree to the point that sans development of its entire component the Central Government declares India a Developed or Developing Nation.

Keeping aside the terrorist problem, what is not there here? Let alone the rest of the states Assam itself is a mini edition of India. Both ethnically and culturally Assam has the capacity to compete with any of the states in the main stream. Now let’s look into the tourism treasure. The flora and fauna, bio-diversity is of unique nature and hence thousands of both native and foreign tourists can land to this yet to be fully explored land. Not belittling Shimla and Manali as tourist spot for I have been to those places a couple of time. Without being biased I can put that Shillong, the river- island of Assam Majuli, Cherapunjee, Bhalukpung, Shivasagar, the Buddhist Monastery at Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh have far enchanting beauty and glamour. The two National Parks- Kaziranga and Manas National Park is an additional flavor for the tourists.

What is necessary is the good will of both the state Govts. and the Central Govt to attract tourists towards this part of the universe and earn a huge amount of revenue.

But the first and foremost necessity is to solve out the terrorist problem.

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