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Not waiting for reply did I proceed and holding you
By your arms started my march
Some limping moments
Sneered my voyage

Centuries ago was planted a sapling of rage and odorous angst
Was my ship sailing in the air or on the ice
Knew I not
Scary faces of lost time

Frowned at my dark visage
Thousands of questions
Hurdled my way
I was not to answer

I was a vagabond
Nor a living ghost
I had put your body
On my shoulders

King’s men were on my way
Sabred their points with my
Frowning whisper
Scampered all

One more night
Journey would sleep a long slumber
You would still be with me
Am I looking back

Was a soldier by my own right
Shining deaths were my company
Not running perils to save the prince
I am truncating the beguiling hopes

Just a night
Some hours
Some moments away
And all tale is told in bold letters.

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