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Very often I wonder as to what purpose does our Traditional Educational System serve?. Right from our Primary to the tertiary and University level, education hardly comes handy so far our carrier building foundation is concerned. That the subjects we are taught are not quality based to make student stand on his own fit after he/she comes out of his formal Education, both under graduate and graduate or post graduate levels. To be frank an Arts graduate, particularly with combination such as History, Political Science, Sanskrit, and certain humanities subjects virtually teaches one nothing and when one steps into the practical world finds that he/she is good for nothing. The education we are receiving or promoting is like teaching some one how to sleep, how to breath, how to wink and nothing more than that and virtually it teaches nothing. Rather it does a damaging thing by creating an ego in the ‘Highly educated ones” (?). What we need today is not just clerk making education but value based and quality enhancing one that teaches one the real thing of the real world.

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