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Bank ! Bank !

One day I went to a bank with my grandmother. There I met one of my old friend named Arun.

He asked me how I was there? I told him that I had come with my gandma for some banking work.

He touched the feet of an old lady. The lady told him that she couldn’t recognise him. Arun pointed towards me said that he was my friend.

The old lady looked at me and asked “who are you”?

I asked Arun “do you know each other”?

Arun replied “don’t you recognise your grandmother”?

I understood all matter and told him that my grandma was on the next counter.

We all laughed heartily. Arun felt sorry to the old lady but she was impressed by our moral conduct and said “there is no need to be sorry, you have done nothing wrong and you will get blessings only”.

I toched her feet and she blessed me too.

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