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Earn from your mobile also!!

Hi all,
After blogging on Eblogs, its time to earn from your mobile! There’s this revolutionary new service named mGinger available for Indians, or anybody on the Indian subcontinent, with a mobile phone. It might be made global later on… Whats the service? To keep it short and simple, you get paid to mobile…

Thats right! You get paid to use your mobile!

How does it work? You sign up at mGinger with your usual personal details, and mobile phone number. mGinger sends you SMSes from sponsors, which you read. For every SMS you read, you get paid. You can select your interests so as to restrict the advert SMSes to only of topics of your interest!

Handy eh? Its been causing a WAVE of media attention all around India! They say that you get paid 20 Paise per SMS. i.e. 0.2 Rupees. Which is… Well… 41 Rupees make a dollar, so, $0.005 USD. Yeah, half a penny. Half a penny per SMS.

And you make 10 Paise per SMS read by your referrals, and so on. So, the typical teen/youth thinks “I can read 100s of SMSes per day! I can sure earn thousands!”

Small problem. Theres a maximum limit of 10 SMSes per day. Thats the maximum. So you may receive from 0 to 10 SMSes per day. Imagine that you receive 10 SMSes per day, still, you make only Rp 2 per day! Which is like only Rs 60 ($1.5) per month! That is, IF YOU GET 10 SMSes per day!

Honestly, why waste your time? Thousands have already signed up! Are they nuts?

No, this post was NOT to encourage users to use mGinger. It was an honest to goodness review of the service. I”ve signed up for a day now, and I havn’t got a single sponsored SMS yet! At this rate, I”ll be stuck at something like a dollar (Rs 40) at the end of the year!

Think twice before you sign up! Why waste your personal details, for something so little and measly? I can’t believe that the media has been rooting for this absolutely stupid service! I believe that this is all a scam. It proves how much India has to learn from the web! I do hope that people open their eyes before jumping in the next time!

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