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Ragging all the way !!!

One can easily admit that the best days of his life are the college days. The incidents that take place are remembered by us throughout life. Suddenly when the thoughts come we cannot stop ourselves from tickling.

Ragging is considered a curse for the colleges. It can prove to be a nightmare for many students. But I had an exceptionally well experience of ragging. My college is around 23 km from my home. So it takes around 1 hr to reach my college. Now thats a pretty good time in terms of interacting with the students on bus. In my 1st year I opted for the college bus to reach my college.

The seniors in the bus looked at us as if we (there were other freshers too) were the helpless and timid deer and they were the ferocious lions ready to pounce on us and enjoy the taste of our soft flesh and organs. We were strictly told to look down towards the third button of our shirt and were deprived of our belts.They called us one by one to to perform in front of them according to their wish. I was called first. I wished all the seniors but hardly any one replied. They made a place for me to sit, but one of them objected that how could I sit in front of them ? How rude! But I was shown hospitality by one of them. Now One of them asked me to give my introduction and told me the format. I gave it when suddenly one of them objected that it was not the right format so I had to repeat it. Then I was told to do it once more by inserting a word “Hai Daiya!” after each sentence and I was made to do it around 5 times. One of them asked me to look up but then other warned me not do it as it was against the rules. They asked me to sing a song but after hearing to one line they stopped me probably because they could not withstand the “broken wires of a guitar”.

I was made to act like Amitabh Bacchan and Mithun , the famous actors and they liked it. I was made to bowl like Macgrath, Australian bowler in the bus! It was horrible. Many such activities we had to do everyday in the bus. But I cherish those moments. Those seniors helped me too by providing books and guidance. They shared their experiences and were very good to me later after the fresher party. I had heard the condition of the boys living in the hostels was extremely poor. Thank God for saving me from that behaviour.

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