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If children are brought up in a congenial atmosphere at home ,in schools and in a society, a great deal can be done to relieve misery and mitigate suffering and unhappiness. Our aim should be to produce citizens who can join with their fellow-men to create a happy race, to make this world a decent place to live in and to establish homes where wedded love and parental affection, combined with judicious care, discipline and training in co-operation give children the right to start in life. Those who cannot co-operate with for common benefits, who isolate themselves off from the mainstream of life; who are self centered, absorbed in themselves, interested more in taking more from society than in giving it are more wretched. In happy homes where the father and mother regard marriage not as a means as of shelter, security and comfort, but as a partnership of mutual happiness, the welfare of their children and the well being of the society and are fully conscious of their responsibilities, children will gain their first hand experience in co-operation — an experience which will stand in good stead through out their lives. Pampered and neglected children tend to develop all kinds of complexes which stand in the way of healthy and balanced development of personality.

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