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Often there have been times that Rahul Dravid has been described as a WALL who has been a savior for the country in a number of occasions. But the country does not want the wall so strong so as to withstand all the shock waves created by the Australian Bowlers during the first cricket test. There is an advertisement on T.V. for a cement company which everybody has seen which I would now try to describe in a few short lines :

There are two real brothers standing on either side of a cemented wall dividing their house into two halves.

Brother No.1 standing over one side of the wall and leaning over the wall says to his brother who in also leaning over the wall: “Aao chotu, yeah deewar geera dein. ( Come Chhotu, lets make this wall to fall.)

Brother No. 2 standing on the other side of the wall but not leaning over and also crying dangerously: Dekho Bhai, Kya Kar Raha Hai. ( Look, what brother is doing) and everybody standing there starts crying and that too dangerously.

Brother No.1 starts using all types of weapons in his armory like hammer, axe, big logs of wood etc. in an effort to break the wall but the wall doesn’t give in. At this moment, some background voice enters saying: “Tooteygi kaise, Gujrat Ambuja Cement se jo bani hai. ( How it will break it is made of Gujrat Ambuja Cement).

But here I think Mr.Rahul Dravid is a human being. He has the potential to be flexible according to the situations. Though he can be compared to a wall but he is not strong enough like a cement so how he has scored a mere 16 runs facing 114 balls in all in the first cricket test whichich India lost against Australia. He should have been a little flexible in the process by defending as well as scoring.

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