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Corruption In Indian Public Life

The extent to which corruption has flourished in India is quite alarming but it seems that it has achieved an unconscious sanction from the public at large.The public apathy towards the menace of corruption has crossed the dimensions of ethics to this extent that the money and muscle power rules the roost. It is a well known fact that the bulk of politicians go to the Assembly and Parliament or become Ministers at centre and in the states with a view to making money. The exceptions are a few and they seldom get elected for simply they don’t have the means to reach the corridors of power. Corruption mainly depends upon an individual’s inner conscious to accept gratification. No wonder that the independent India is a fertile ground of corruption.
Over the years, corruption has virtually become as much part of our system as the whiteness of the milk.Right from the peon to a top beaurocrat the entire system has been moth-eaten. It is quite well known that huge bribes exchange hands for appointments and transfers in government services. An educated person seeking a job and who is not in a position to pay these bribes for the sake of his livelihood might well jump into the nearest backwaters or a lake. Most of the bribes are paid to the corrupt politicians and officials.

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