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Face Of Our Education

There is a general tendency with the school authorities is to prescribe more and more books for various types of study to the young students. Everyone comments adversely on the sight of school-going boys and girls carrying loads of books on their backs and their backs usually bent by the loads. How can we expect to expedite the process of gaining knowledge by prescribing lots of books for study with no time for these children for any recreation or entertainment? This clearly presents faulty planning and inadequate thinking. We cannot hope to reform the system of education in such erroneous manner. The process of learning should be a pleasant experience, not a horrible happening which the students are forced to undergo and which ultimately become the reasons for many youths falling prey to evil ways or resort to strikes and agitations. The present education policy only ensures that students attend regular classes, more and more children get admitted to schools and there will be less drop outs. In order to ensure regular classes, the government has introduced several measures such as mid day meals and no failures up to class VII. Here also, main stress is given on the quantity of students to schools, not the quality of education. Many schools, especially in rural areas do not have good buildings, teachers and good teaching aids. The government run schools in urban areas, which cater to the needs of lower class people generally also present a bad picture. The buildings are not well maintained, the staff is not properly trained for the job. There is a clear demarcation between the rich and poor in respect of education in big cities. The children of the rich read in private schools, with good infrastructure and teaching environment. The children belonging to the high-clan get good quality education and the poor have to be contended with the poor standards through out their life. The trend of twin quality education has crept in small towns and villages. these days schools have become money generating machines with more and more schools coming up and even business tycoons have started opening schools in order to earn money for themselves.

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Our education is not helful while doing jobs. Thanks for sharing lovely article..

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