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Our Youthful Society

If T.S Eliot’s “PRUFROCK” measured his life by counting his sips of coffee cups, the modern youth in India measures his life by standing in queues, jostling and pushing in buses and finally by removing his gray hair from his head. His problems are social, economic and psycho-emotive but there is none around who can share his sad and solitary existence. Compounded with his lonely state of life, this so called youth have remained immune to the profundity of spiritual heritage of the land, mysticism etc. right from their formative years in schools, collages and universities. Differences in their class and social background contribute to the disparities among the youth. It leads to the accumulation of tensions which have an explosive potential. Youths belonging to the lower class society after attaining higher education and technical efficiency become frustrated as they join the stream of job seekers and are no more prepared to adapt the level of their aspirations to the prevailing realities. They usually get frustrated as their aspirations are nor fulfilled They want to earn the fruits of their toil they have put in to get degrees through educational and technical institutions. They do not find people at work whom they want to work as friendly as they expect, so they turn rebellions to the society and their anger finds outlet through a behavior which turns out to be antisocial at times.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    you have highlighted a very relevant discussion about the rebellious society when they are not satisfied with what they get from the amount of labor they put in to get the job and furthermore the incentives in the jobs attained …..

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