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Some people are suspicious by nature. They invite unhappiness by their old habits and wrong ethical standards. They suffer from persecution mania. They attribute their failures and disappointments not to their own limitations by to the machinations of their enemies. Their work does not receive adequate recognition and they suspect that a conspiracy is hatched somewhere to deprive them of their rights. They turn cynics and atheists by their grievances however, sight they are. They apprehend dangers which are either highly exaggerated or purely imaginary and they lose their sense of proportion and become mental wrecks. Men of envious nature are always miserable. Envy, hatred and malice are common to most men and women and also to group of people. People are more easily influenced by feelings of hatred than by feelings of love. A happy person always loves his fellow-beings, rejoices in their good fortunes and always wishes them well. Timid persons are forced to do many things which they dislike simply because they are afraid of antagonizing public opinion. It is, of course a source of happiness if our actions meet with social approval, but one should always be prepared to stand by one’s conviction rather than tamely acquiesce in what others believe. Bold spirits do not needlessly flout public opinion and they never spend sleepless nights worrying about what others are saying about them.

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