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Udupi-My Home Town and the Place of Lord Sri Krishna

Udupi-Sheltered by the soaring western ghats on the east and bordered by the blue waters of the Arabian sea in the west. Udupi district is blessed with abundant rain fall, fertile soil and lush vegetarian. Pristine beaches, picturesque mountain ranges, temple towns and a rich vibrant culture make it a sought after tourist destination.
Udupi district comprising of 3 taluks Kundapura, Karkala and Udupi. Karkala (also known before as Kariya-Kallu) known as Jain Piligrimage center, while kundapura( named after Kundeshwara temple) and Udupi( named after UDU-PA) are full of beautiful beaches and temples and ofcourse famous for educational institutations. Its located at 415km from Bangalore on the west coast. Its villages and towns have fascinating stories attached to them.

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  1. Sulochana says:

    Very beautiful place I guess . wish you could post some photo of this place too . But did you write about it earlier too . I think somewhere I learnt about this place .

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