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It’s really a matter of great distress to see the judgment of high court Allahbad regarding Muslim community. Though they have shown their concern about their state but doesn’t it show their partial outlook also…?

India being so developed still mourning over the issues of religion and reservation and dodging the actual growth of the country behind that. Some political leaders have taken Muslim samuday and others are just loitering over the issues of OBC reservation…some fighting for women empowerment (so-called) and some are busy spending in ads for the promotion of their party as if they are selling a product.

Are we getting any result..?? This is what I want to ask from the high court Allahbad, has it ever shown its concern over the issues that ere really affecting our state so far?
Did it ever question the parties who think that by giving the amount of rs 500 p/m they can eradicate unemployment, who think that giving reservation to women or OBC will add to the growth of our country? Then why it is concentrating on this inconsequential issue not on the areas that need to be developed.

We always talk of women empowerment but just giving reservation is not going to solve the problem……….it only shows that women are either considered to be handicapped or scheduled caste………instead of reservation just give them respect. Make the girl education compulsory. Bann dowry, which is causing parents not to have girl child, and declare it as nonbailable sin in order to save the lives of thousands of women.

Instead of increasing reservation just let the actual talent come out. Instead of giving money without work just generate better employment strategies. Instead of increasing the number of board student just give the quality and honest result (specially make strict rules for UP board which is imparting mark sheets in just 20-25000 bugs).

Instead of teasing common people just punish the white-collar criminals.

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