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colour of money – 2

Buy dream house
The second on the wish list of most people is a house, though, with real estate prices touching the sky, we are more than happy and fortunate to see ourselves settled in a cozy 2-3 bedroom apartment, of course, what’s left behind are the EMI checks to repay the house loans , which takes waay a long chunk from the wealth of our bank accounts.
Quit my job!
The third choice is to say bye – bye to bosses from hell and the 9 to 9 routine job and invest or start a business.
Next is the cosmetic surgery
This one was an interseting revelation, another fantasy that a lot of people would like to fulfill is that of having the looks of models and hollywood /bollywood hunks, and , when they talk of cosmetic surgery they definitely don’t mean a sample face lift, tummy tuck or lip job.

Last but not the least is Shop till i die.
interestingly, shopping doesnt make it to the top of the mind recall list of things people would liek to do with tehir money, howveer most people would like to purchase everything that they have dreamed of from hi-tech gadgets to expensive sports , so what is the most expensive thing that man would like to spend on!!!!!

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