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for all those looking to carry their muscle with tem, let’s make one thing very clear, an mp3 player does not have to be only an ipod.there are many other, and sometimes , better and more cost – effective options out there.One such is the latest offering from Aigo, the F585 mp4 player.This compact gizmo, in a stylish chocolate balck casing, allows u to enjoy multimedia features that several of its counterparts in this price bracket do not support. One can hear their favourite songs, enjoy movies and even record voice inputs .It also has Fm radio and a 1.8 ” 262 K colour TFT LCD panel.The features are easy to access and opearte, It comes pre-loaded with a 1 gb memory card and can play AV formats like mp3, avi,wma and , of cousre , mp4.The battery life isnt too great though.

price- rs 3600.

Hot verdict- Where most other players would , support only voice this has features that make it a very good offering at this price.

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