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the shortest distance between two people is a smile , but u need a great smile to bridge agap……………………..

THE SMILE RULE– pearly whites maketh a great smile! and thanks to teh latest trends, its easy to get a bright smile.

Bleach blah—bealching is a safe way to brighten u r smile , an hour – long procedure, it uses an oxidising agent to ligthen the teeth, a special light is used to optismie the oxidsing procedure..

very veneer—- veneering involves the application of composite resin on the teeth.its effective in masking stains and white or brown spots caused by fluorsis.

lala laminate— laminating surfaces teeth with thin porcetain..

cool crwoning… involves reducing the tooth and covering the rest with porcelain. advisable iin cases of severe discoloura tion…


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