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deepika padukone, it seems goes all out to be good to her freinds, and when it’s a question of very very clsoe freinds , there is definiely no stopping her on wednesday evening , deepika and her good boy freind yuvraj celebrated the cricketer’s birthday at enigma, where deepika close freinds also gathered!!!!!

sources say that deepika played the role of a perfect host at the party , she mingles with all he guests as if she belongs to yuvraj’s family , the duo looked more than just freinds if their body language was any indication!!!

earlier deepika had a long standing realionship with nihar pandya, but now is yuviraj , it seems deepika is also oo iresponsible for getting into acting for om shanti om…….

it may also recalled that MS dhoni had tried to get freindly with deepika and had even invited her to the recent T20 cricket against australia, the indian cricketers has a very important tour to australia hope there is no dissension in indian team owing to the yuvi- deepika- dhoni traiangle series

what do u say?

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