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As you are a pro, what is your personal advice to your fellow writers?

As a pro, my personal advice to my fellow writers:

a. Do not write your stories.
b. Develop a sales approach.
c. Time is money. Do not waste the time.
d. Not to quit the present doing job.
e. If you want to become a freelancer writer, do not give up your present job.
f. Try to earn extra money by writing articles.
g. When these chances are given by freelancers, why you should loose it. Catch it tightly.
h. Concentrate only one or two hours a day in writing for financial pressure.
i. You make contacts more.
j. While writing articles you get more contacts.
k. When you start writing not only career improves but also knowledge also improves.
l. You get lot of knowledge in different angles.
m. At he same time you will not do any kind of spelling, grammatical mistakes.
n. If your article is good for readers, it goes for publication.
o. Suppose if your article is not good for publication, do not blame editors.
p. By way of publication, you get good remuneration.
q. Diversify your mind. If you want to make a lot more than the above figures, take your writing talent down some more financially rewarding paths. Write newsletters, brochures, annual reports. Write advertising, film scripts, books. They all pay better for less work than magazine articles.
r. Finally you love writing articles.

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