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Now Laptop is in reach of normal PEOPLE !!

Hi Friends !!
This is good news for computer savvy , who are going for new PC , HCL Infosystems has announced a very economic laptop for them . This is HCL , who is serious in introduction of the latest in technology at the best possible price, has today disclosed its “MiLeap” ultra portable laptops for range starting below Rs 14,000.
Both “X” and “Y” series of “MiLeap” laptops (also called leaptops) are ultra portable yet fully functional, claims HCL Infosystem.


1. 80GB HDD
2. Swivel 7"" touch screen
3. wireless connectivity
4. Data Card option,
5. blue tooth & Ethernet network port.

MiLeap" is targeted at consumer who needs to stay connected, informed, entertained and productive-anytime and anywhere. It's lightweight and small in size makes it so convenient, that one does not think twice about carrying it to the office, home, gym or park, or using it in a train, bus, plane or metro, claimed the company.

PS: Guys hope this info would you like, if yes , Please do let me know so that I can bring more and more info in the best possible way, I like the criticism so make it with open heart, there is GUY (‘service_to_all” not exactly)here in our eBlog family , who is doing his job perfectly. So FEEL FREE TO DROP YOUR VALUABLE COMMENTS !!

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10 Responses

  1. nilalove says:

    Good work and u r given valuable information to buy a laptop (leaptop)

  2. smile_kanth says:

    thanks,boss can u guide me, how did u post image?Regards

  3. actresspoint says:

    Would you kindly mention the price?

  4. chaits says:

    Good news ! Nice info .keep your blog updated with tech news ill be watching it .
    (but be careful b4 u post .make sure not even one word is available on another site .lolz )

    Anyways its the information ,the data that matters .may it be of any kind . Keep it up .im gonna hav a laptop soon .

  5. nishunishaa says:

    thanks…now i will buy this laptop…if needed

  6. satyaiitk says:

    Hey actresspoint !!
    I think you have not gone article that’s why you are this question. Please go through it , you would get your answer .


  7. rohanrs says:

    Hi is it available in market now?

  8. nksinghiitk says:

    If it is available then it is good news for studens

  9. sanjay88 says:

    yes indeed very economical at this price…………. hope i buy it one day

  10. vinaykiran79 says:

    Surely you will ge comments, but its really boring to be in the eblog due to very less earning potentianl.
    Your information is worth reading. You have not mentioned the speed of the RAM and the microprocessor used in the so mentioned leaptop. Is this really in the market or going to be launched soon in the market?

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