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What a lovely creatures they are !! Contd………

Hey friends !!
The compiltion is continue………

PS: It’s request to all my dear friends !! Please do take my permission before editing are making any change in my pictures and do leave their valuable comments which are most WELCOME here !! in my post .

This is my LUV and it would be continue…….. so Please check out my post regularly !!

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8 Responses

  1. nolimits says:

    thanks 4 sharying ur beautiful blog

  2. satyaiitk says:

    Thanx for your support


  3. kishore.iitk says:

    Hi its really nice snaps..but u dont given any information regarding animal “Common Name,” “Scientific Name,” “Group,” ‘species”, and its original place.

  4. satyaiitk says:

    Boss… I don’t have much info about them better use your search engine to find it out and one more thing you always point out “veeru’s grammar “, here what’s this.. “but u dont ……. given ” put the exact mail verb.


  5. kishore.iitk says:

    OK….i will try to correct my mail verb..but ur snap looks like artistic not real..at least u mention animal name which i could search through Google or any search engine.

  6. admin says:

    It seems that you have hot linked the photos from ibibo. I think you will be in trouble if ibibo notices this. Instead upload all your photos to imageshack.us, get the link and paste it here.

    Remove all the crappy watermarks using a free photo editor that makes your photos more appealing.

  7. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi satya, how are u doing??? Nice cool pictures & I am happy that ur in the top of eblogs. Don’t u think Eblogs is better than Ibibo….

  8. satyaiitk says:

    Done !! I have put all the images at imageshack, I hope nobody ahs problem , now on wards.


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