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$10 a day

Dear friends,everyone is worried about how to make some money from home,i”m giving u some idea how to make $10 a day or more than $100 a day with some work!
The reason I have called this $10 a day is cause that’s what I am making at the point I made this document
Now that’s enough of the boring stuff let’s get onto the earning bit
To make the money it is all about the referrals and spending time getting them I currently spend 30 minutes a day working on referrals to build my earnings I’m hoping that I can get to $25 a day within a month
First make sure you have a PayPal account as that’s where the money is going so sign upPay Pal
Next the registering for the program joinhere.
Once registered at this program you will earn $0.01 per ad you click with on average 10 ads to click a day so without referrals you will make $0.10 a day with payout at $10.
For every ad your referral clicks you will get $0.01 100$ of what they click but they still earn the $0.01 per click so you take nothing from them.
So dont be late hurry and join here

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  1. nishunishaa says:

    my new blog is ready. thanks for guiding me

  2. betterlife says:

    How do you work on referrals?

    Love all, Hate none

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