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I’m spiritual person, i have a great faith on god. but sometimes some questions arise in my mind, such as WHO is God? When some one ask us this mysterious question, we would normally say that ,he is the divine origin, he is the creator of this beautiful universe, our friend, guide and every thing…God is one who can not be described in pen & paper or in words. He does not have a human form and as a fact. He certainly may not be a human being who performs supernatural things. Then who is God?

Well in whatever better means we describe him, it would steel be incomplete. Then to this question “Who is God” perhaps the answer would be that god himself knows who he is ,but to his existence no body can question …

“God exists” these words are unshaken.

Many saints have described Him to be in this or that. I think God is purely a realization and is beyond our imagination. To pray him we have to picturise him as a model in our intellect. So this question has no proper conclusion. It is still a mystery and perhaps it will remain mystery also..

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