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Go for The Best In your Life

Have u ever thought that our upbringing, schooling, tertiary education, family, work colleagues, community, friends; virtually all of our surroundings have an influence on who and what we are.

It is sure that you are aware of many of the restrictions that are inflicted upon you on a daily basis; some unavoidable such as paying taxes and some totally avoidable such as the restrictions we place upon ourselves. Previously in the early days we were generally conditioned negatively from outside sources such as “You can’t do that!” or “No one in our family has ever done this before” on the home front. On the work front we were motivated by fear i.e. do what you are told to immediately or lose your job. Man, what a waste!!!

As a result many of us carry these ideas around with us and are convinced that their mediocre style and standards are in fact, “the only way”. Well, it can be if that’s all you can see. But as people, we have one thing that no other creature on this earth has; that of choice. We can choose our surroundings, if we so desire. We choose our friends, careers etc. We even choose what books and ezines we read. If you don’t want my ezine anymore you simply choose not to receive it and your life goes forth without “avenues 2 Your Success”. It’s that simple.

You may think it really is that simple!!! Everything we do either voluntarily or otherwise stems from our thoughts within our mind. Sadly, most of us choose to only use a small percentage of our potential mainly due to pre-conditioned thought patterns. If you are not encouraged to think and make the best for yourself you will need to develop these thought patterns on your own.

Dear readers yes, you”ve probably heard it all before that there is a vast amount of untapped potential within us all simply waiting for the “on” or ‘start” button to be pressed, but how does one know if one has this so called potential?

So you can think this is probably one of the easiest questions in the world to answer actually. If you yearn for more than you have, if you seek to better your lifestyle, if you wish to become more successful than you currently are then you have already begun to utilize these resources from within. Like anything, when tapping into something new it takes time to learn and as your experience grows your sub-conscious will lead you in the direction that you are really looking to head, upwards!!!

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