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Habit is second nature

Habit is a settled and firm practice.When it is done so often it becomes a part of man’s nature.We are inclined to do a thing once,twice and many times.Soon it hardens into a habit.What is done,frequently can be done always.So habit can develop itself into a nature a permanent trait in man.so we must be careful in forming our habit right from the beginning.A man is after all a bundle of habits.If a man cultivates his habits properly he finds no trouble in practicing them in everyday life.Taking the instance of early rising -at first one may be unwilling to leave the warm and comfortable bed.But if one fights one’s way with steel-will,early rising becomes a habit,a second nature.Then he is in position to do it without any effort and strain.The activity is carried on smoothly,easily,gracefully,naturally and automatically.So good habits should be cultivated with care and efforts.Then they will be a part of our natural self- a second nature.The proverb speaks of importance of habits in our life.

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  1. Amanullah Baloch says:

    nice paragraph sir…. I appreciate your efforts

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