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I Daily dream of my beloved motherland.I wish it to be a richer,happier and healthier land to live in. I want it to be a veritable heaven on earth.i hope that within the next few years my country shall have made as much progress as to be the very land of my dreams.

Actually it is difficult to predict the India of tomorrow or to make a forecast about the shape of things to come.change is the law of nature. So from the present political, military, economic and social set up we can foretell that India of tomorrow will be happier, richer and safer than it is today.

There is no doubt that we are free,but there is no glow of joy on our faces.poverty,starvation,unemployment stare in our faces.Illiteracy, communalism,economic inequality, social injustice and narrow-mindednss are rampant today.

Kasmir problem still remains unsoved our relations wit Pakistan and China are as strained as before.So India of today does not present a rosy picture.

But at the same time we also should not be pessimists. Rome was not built in a day.Being an optimist, I often sit down in leisure and dream of what this country will be a few years hence.

The shall be thoroughly mechanized so that we shall bhave plenty of everything. India as I dream shall be self-sufficient in all the basic needs of life such as food,shelter and clothing.People shall have equal opportunities economically,socially,politically and culturally.

Main thing if the distance,difference between India and Bharat can be minimized again our country will be a golden hen again. Coz, Some of Indians are getting placed in Forbs magazine,but more are straving for food.This things should be taken care.

To say the least,we will have a new heaven on earth.India of my dreams will be an ideal place to live. There will be all round progress and prosperity.People will be mentally,morally, spiritually, and physically better.the common man in India will feel the glow of freedom.

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  1. bapidebu says:

    nice thoughts about India.good work,keep it up,superb,mind blowing,fantastic.

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