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Today everyone around the world is aware about the growth story of India, however very less people are aware about the increasing trend of begging in India. Present beggars of India are much superior to their previous generations. In simple words, we can say that these beggars have brought professionalism in their jobs. I am not kidding; it is true and happening everyday around us. In some of the big cities turnover from the begging is millions of rupees every day and number of big shotguns of the society are managing this business.

It is very easy to see these beggars performing various new and old tricks for begging in buses, busy markets, and parks and around public places. Some of the beggars of India are so intelligent that they use all kinds of the psychological and emotional tricks to make people feel sympathetic with them. But they are taking advantages of this and earning handsomely. In India, it is very easy to find number of beggars who have earned good fortunes with begging.

When I was in Delhi ,I can’t remember exactly the place name but ,there was a famous Sai temple, beggars are earning their 2000 to 3000 daily,I ‘m not sure ,but some local shopkeeper told me the fact s.I was shocked to know that they usually make false bandage and wounds to draw sympathy, and no new beggars can do begging there without their permission and giving percentage.

In cuttack also ,there are two govt colony named “Gandhi pally ” and “Neheru Pally” for leprosy people, but u can’t believe that 60% of them doing smuggling ,and lending money at high interest.

However the major problem is that most of the people are so much busy with their daily lives that they do not give any attention to this field. Overall begging is a great resource generator for many people and many people in India are happily employed with the begging work.

However, in this rosy picture there are hidden many ugly facts which requires our immediate attention. These ugly facts are exploitation and torture of number of innocent children and people for forcefully pushing them in to this business.

For this cheater beggars , now a days people also started ignoring really needy one which is also a sad fact. Some beggars usually tend to beg by going area wise (some fixed area house to house) in particular days ,and you friends will laugh with some interesting fact they give their area to their son in law in dowry and never go to that area anymore.

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