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Is it Necessary to Create Religion

The cause of violence in the world other than food and lodging is religion. Thousands of religionists believe that their religion is the only true religion and all the others are false. They are willing to kill and die for their religion but the irony is that their own religion tells them not to kill. How can we prevent religious mania from being the cause of world violence?

If we believe that there is someone who created this universe, we called him God, when he created this beautiful world with so many creatures,he has not created this nasty religions and all this.

Then who are we to create this barrier and hate among religion to religion. If god has created all human being alike two hands, two legs,same nose,ear,blood ,then is it necessary to create religion ?

I’m just giving example when Jesus Christ born then what was his religion, when prophet Mohammed born what was his religion? When Sankaracharya born did he know about his religion? similar in case of Gautam Budha ,Guru Nanak etc. They just taught some good lesson to mankind for their betterment which is later converted to diff religions.

Can’t we live happily without this barriers? So much bloodshed going on in the name of religion. When somebody donate his/her blood no one is asking about his/her religion, when somebody donating eye ,then anybody asking his/her religion? We should have only one religion that is love.

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