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Most marriages do not begin with divorce as their goal. Before marriage every couple think for best life for them always. For the most part, those who chose to marry are very much “in love.” Yet way too often, months or years down the line, many couples find themselves wondering where their loving feelings have gone. They just can’t seem to find them anymore. She no longer feels attracted to him or he no longer feels attracted to her.

What went wrong?

In marital relationship though I’m single, still from little knowledge I can say that forget about the old traditional arrange marriage. First let’s talk abt the love marriage, most of the problems created in love marriage. Actually what happened after knowing so much about each one before marriage, this thing should not come but the fact is opposite, before marriage any body accept or not that understanding relation were based on false compromise, in some cases boy compromises and in some other cases girl does some of adjustment fearing to loose the relationship, but after marriage the mask slowly removes. Nobody is prepared to adjust or compromise with their individual ego.

When girl observes that is this the boy I loved earlier, who was promising to bring even moon for me? At the same time the boy thinks that is this the same girl who was even telling me that without me the world is a hell for her.

The marital relationship cracked at that time, there was no body to help them, Coz it was their their own choice(love marriage). In today’s arrange marriage this thing also comes but in diff way, some qualities of husband and wife don’t suite to both of them, But they adjusted with the help of parents or seniors most of the times.But the above fact is not true for all couples. In India still our society is very healthy in these cases. But we have to be careful enough for preventing westernizations of married life.If they will remember the following facts(whether love marriage or arranged marriage),their relation will last indefinitely.

Valuing Each Other and Their Relationship



Pl add your thoughts,if I miss something or wrong somewhere, what I felt I mentioned the fact. Thanking you.

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