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Man lives in deeds and not in years

It is true that human life is measured by the no of years.But its real worth depends not upon its length ,but upon the actions.Life without any great deeds is only an existence.Time is a tyrant and sweeps off everybody.No trace or mark is left behind.But man can conquer death. Good deeds,noble deeds live for ever.They are victory over grave.These deeds themselves are the everlasting memorials.
They are the golden pages in the history of human civilization.But a man who lives without doing anything remarkable is soon forgotten.He dies unknown,unwept,unsung.Such kind of life is a blank page.But a life of achievements is an immortal one.It is not the span,or length of life that matters,but the deeds in life.Better to blaze brightly for a short while than to shoulder for a long period.A lily of a day is fairer than the Oak that lives for hundreds of years.One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without name.
The name of great poets,philosophers,writers,heroes,scientists,discoverers and inventors are as-many-as the stars are on the Milky way.Does mankind remember them for their length of life or for their great priceless contributions for human civilizations?So it is the good deeds ,that make a real life.He most lives who thinks most,feels noblest and acts the best.So man lives in deeds and not in years.

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    That was rightly said by you. Thanks for sharing with us..

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