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No pain no gain no cross no crown

It means that nothing great is owned without struggle and sacrifice.For example if you do not bear pains,you will have no gains.Great deeds can not be accomplished while lying on a bed of roses.Christ suffered on the cross and won the crown of immorality.Socrates drank the cup of gall before getting the glory.One has to fight one’s way through thorns,difficulties and hardships to reach the throne of supreme power.Turn to any celebrated painter,musician,poet or philosopher,you will find that they have toiled upward through long years.This is no easy royal road to great achievements in life.Great deeds are the rewards of endless and infinite labour.Great scientists,discoverers,inventors ,social reformers,political thinkers have worked night and day before they could achieve their ideal.For perfection is attained by slow degrees.Greatness and glory do no fall down like soft gentle rain from heaven.Greatness thieves only on sweat,tears and blood.

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