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Old order changeth yielding place to new

Nothing in life is steady and stable.Change is the law of progress.The history of human kind is the history of change and advancement.Look to the distant past.The old institutions in our social,political,economic and religious life are no more.Like the phoenix,new institutions rise up from the ashes of the old ones.Life is ever changing.Knowledge increases ideas.Old ideas are broadened and the vision of life is widened.To meet the growing need of life,new institutions must spring up.Whatever outlives its utility is dead.The new institutions must spring up.Whatever outlives its utility is dead.The systems that survive beyond their utility are obsolete.Stagnation is only an obstacle in the march of human progress.Old order must make room for new one.A changing society is a living society.For today’s meal may be tomorrow’s poison.Long-long ago,education was a heritage of the chosen few.Political power was centered in the hand of an absolute ruler.A woman was no better than a slave.Can these systems satisfy the aspirations of the modern generations?life would be rotten if it is not changing rapidly.New systems put new vigour,new strength,new energy in life.So our life is a progress of change,or change is life.Stagnation is death;rest is rust.The world is moving towards perfections.How can this great deal be realised if man sticks to the old order and clings to the out of date pattern of life.So change is not only inevitable and essential,but beneficial.Change though painful,is yet needful.

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