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Overcoming the difficulties

In difficulty, the man who has to face it, either comes better or worse. The strength and skill of a man are judged in worst situation. Encounter with it will train his strength and discipline his skill. The road to success may steep to climb, but it puts to proof the energies of him who would reach the submit. By experience, a man soon learns how obstacles are to be overcome by grapping with them. Thus difficulties often fall away of themselves before the determination to overcome them.

Difficulties in nine cases out of ten, if marched boldly upon, they will flee. What looked like insurmountable obstacle like some great mountain chain in our way, is found to become practicable. When approached ,even the paths formerly unseen ,though they may be narrow and difficult, themselves open a way for us through the hills. I know these things good to write, but in real life implementation is quite difficult but not impossible. We can’t avoid it so why not to face bravely.

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