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Many students are found indulging in politics these days. Some are even member of diff political parties. For these reasons participation in politics by student is much discussed topic these days.There are diff views whether students should take part in politics or not. Some plead in favour of the idea while others reject it outright. Politics as treated here, means active participation in political movements. Politics is to be differentiated from the regular subject of studies e.g political sc.

In the case of India ,students started participating in politics in the early stages of the freedom movement, after the formation of the Indian National Congress. The elderly people being busy with their bread-earning activities,political leaders started enlisting the support of the student community.Being young and energetic,students were used by political arties to back them and support their cause. Students joined the political parties to back them in large nos.

Students participation has certain disadvantages ,mainly it is immense loss to students because of waste of their valuable time.several students through participation in politics start indiscipline in colleges. This leads to groupism among students which is harmful to the interest of students itself.Many students for these activities are rusticated from educational insts.This politics mainly starts from the diff student unions in college/university levels.

Now politicians are giving focus to university election to show their power. But some advantages also there. First of all a student who starts activitely participating in politics, generally develop fine qualities of public speaking. Many impressive leaders were known to have become good speakers in their college days Again in a democratic country it’s extremely useful if students know about day to day politics.This gives them fine training in early stages.

What I feel students work is study not join in politics, they could.but after a certain age. There are diff ways for service of nation not only politics. This debate will always continue in diff levels.

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