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Social Refroms

Man lives in society. Man learns speech, manners and philosophy in his society. He works and moves in the society. He earns his livelihood in the society, but sometimes vices creep into the society and the society is guided by blind faiths and superstitions. In this case, society does immense harm to its members. To make the society free of evils, social reform is required, another Raja Ram Mohan Roy needs seriously.

Sometimes society becomes full of evils and vices. It is guided by blind faith and superstition. People don’t try to know the relation between cause and effect. They believe in imaginary ghosts and spirits. They believe in animal sacrifice to please the deities. They also once believed in human sacrifice, even we read in news paper now also in some places these things going on.

Another sad fact is widow marriage. If somebody’s wife dies then he can easily marry, but when this thing happen to a woman then lots of social drama starts. Some years before one woman was compelled to death with her husband (burnt to death in front of administration)in Rajasthan.

Untouchability is another issue. In order to eradicate all these things social reforms were necessary. Great reformers are born in the society to reform the society. For this they have also faced lots of social boycott, but they have succeeded to large extent. Raja ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekananda some of them.

We badly seek again some reformers like Raja Rammohan Roy for another reforms, otherwise our society will become a hell.

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