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success and failure

Life consists of a series of work. The proper execution of a work or the realization of an aim is known as success and its opposite is failure. Then again there is a saying that failure is the pillar of success.
What does it actually mean? If we go on failing and failing how can we reap success? No the statement has a different import. Look at the lives of great people in every walk of life. It is certain that they haven’t become great overnight. Behind the story of every success lies a series of failures. The early works of many great writers have been severely criticized. But this has n’t dampened their spirit. In the face of highly discouraging criticisms they have continued their struggle and achieved success. This is applicable to all people.

There are variety of cases we see in society. In our youth emotion gets the better of reason, small failures overwhelm us and we lose hope. But we shall achieve success if we go on with courage and determination without being cowed down by failures. Though it’s not easy but we should try.

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